This 160,000 private-acre ranch is located near Douglas, Wyoming in trophy Unit 7.  It normally takes maximum points to draw this permit, which is currently 6.  At press time they had taken over 20 bulls off the property, mostly in the 320 to 340 range, with the top 2 gross scoring 360 and 352.  Only one hunter did not take home a bull.  Archery hunts ended up 6 for 11, mostly in the 300 to 320 class, with 100% shooting.

The ranch offers 2 types of hunts and they are priced accordingly.  All hunts are 5 days and success is similar as with quality, just the accommodations vary.  Prices are the same for either archery or rifle hunts.  Their less expensive hunt is their tent camp, 5 days 2x1 is $5,500 or 1x1 is $6,500.  The lodge hunt is $7,500 2x1 or $8,500 1x1.  This is a nicer atmosphere with a large lodge and some cabins for hunters sleeping quarters.  They also have fancy guest houses for an additional $500 to $1,500 per week that is especially nice for a hunter that would like to bring along his spouse.

All of September is archery season, rifle hunts are October 15 to November 20.  Elevation is about 6,500 feet and hunt up to about 8,500.  The main method of hunting is by truck to access areas and glass.  Horses are available and may be used out of the tent camp, where there is more hiking.  Draw deadline is January 31. Hunt EK828.